A research paper proposal refers to a brief piece of composition that is presented by an individual in order to have his projected paper pre-evaluated. In some cases, it is also presented in front of an authority in an academic community in order to gauge the feasibility of an idea.

The Common Research Paper Proposal Structure

Generally, most research paper proposals are often concise. It is a rule of thumb to often present them through 5-8 paragraphs that would be composed of around 300-500 words. It is also essential to make them as objective as possible. Aside from those, a usual research paper proposal is also made up of four basic parts. These parts include the statement of the problem, the list of objectives, the methodology and the expected output.

In the statement of the problem, the writer identifies that matter that he wanted to analyze or the puzzles that he wanted to solve. It is often presented in bulleted form, though they are also some who could find it easier to elaborate on it through paragraphs.

On the other hand, it is in the list of the objectives where people try to rationalize their researches. It is in this part where they mention why they have chosen the topic that they are about to analyze and discuss through their papers. It is often presented in bulleted form but people may also opt to demonstrate it through paragraphs.

Meanwhile, the methodology refers to the manner in which the person would conduct his research. In this part, a researcher could mention the analysis tools and the reference materials that he would be using for his coursework. People who wanted to present this part more effectively may also use visual aids such as diagrams, photos and such.

Lastly, “the expected output” portion is the part where a person would mention the material that he wanted to produce after conducting his research. It is often presented in about 1-3 sentences.

research paper proposal

Some Tips in Making a Research proposal

Here are some tips on writing and making your research paper proposal. You can barely use them in order to come up with a very effective proposal:

  • Be straightforward. It would definitely help if you would just present your ideas right away. This would save not only your time while writing your research proposal but also the time of the evaluator while reading it.
  • Prepare more than one research proposal. It would definitely help if you would have extra plan in case the first idea that you are considering would be rejected.
  • Proofread. Definitely, your grammar matters in your research paper proposal. Writing while considering proper sentence structure and punctuation would make your paper look professional. Aside from that, you could also avoid misleading your readers.