Research papers ends with a conclusion, usually the conclusion will address the problem raised in the beginning of the paper. It should have accomplished the objectives and have tested the hypothesis of the problem. However, writing a conclusion can also be difficult, so a person can search for homework help or check a research paper conclusion example to guide him on making a good conclusion.

Conclusion example:

The research aims to determine the response of the different provenance Jatropha Curcas to tissue culture. Various trials were done to determine the best sterilization procedure that can yield the highest percent survival of the culture. It was found out that method M from the third batch of sterilization procedure tried during the months of November to March was the most effective.

Fungi was the biggest threat considered in this study because contamination developed faster compared to bacteria. Fungi competed with the explants and killed the explants in three days. General Santos provenance was observed to have the highest percent survival as compared to other provenances with 20.71% survival and lowest percent contamination of 79.29%.

Research Paper Conclusion

There is a variation in the response of different provenances of J.Curcas to tissue culture. This is based on the ability of the provenance to develop callus and eventually develop further to form shoots and roots. However this may also be affected by the amount and kind of growth regulating hormones used. General Santos provenance exhibited promising response in the case of callus formation. It yielded an average of 25.5% cultures initiating callus. The highest among the provenances studied.

Based on the above findings of this study, it is recommended that other sterilization procedure should be tried to have a 100% survival of explants. More provenances of J. Curcas should be tested or tried. Also, the next task that should be done is to continue tissue culture studies of J.Curcas, and focus on the formation of shoots and roots from the callus of the cultures, and transplant it in the field so as to really determine which provenance is the most suitable for tissue culture of J.Curcas.

The research paper conclusion example presented the major objective, methodology, problems encountered, specific results, analysis of results and recommendations. It also stated that the topic should be tested further. Aside from that, the research paper conclusion example summarized the results backed with tangible proof.

A research paper conclusion should also paint a general idea on how the author arrived at such conclusions. It should be brief and straight to the point. All other discussions, proofs, graphs and tables can be placed on other parts of the research paper, specifically in the discussion part. Conclusions are the most important part of the paper so make sure to write it clearly and objectively.